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We are here to make sure your holiday is a memorable one. We offer a full holiday service, covering a wide range of services, from holiday accommodation to car hire, transfers and excursions in all our destinations.

Our accommodation varies from private villas with pools to picturesque apartments right on the sea-shore. We can organize your transfer to and from the accommodation or arrange your car hire. If exploring secluded coves is in your mind then we are here to make sure that a hired-boat will wait for you on arrival or book you in a day trip to a nearby island.

For those looking for something unique and luxurious, our Premium section includes carefully selected properties in all our destinations, accompanied with premium services like private chefs, VIP transfers etc.

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  • Options to pay on your arrival.

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COVID-19 Emergency Refunds Procedure
Under the latest Presidential Legislative Decree (13.04.2020 (ΦΕΚ Α 84) ) of the Greek Government, in line with the majority of European Governments, the EU legislation and endorsed by ECTAA (European Travel Agents Association), travel agents can now offer a Holiday Credit Voucher valid for 18 months instead of a refund. This applies to any form of accommodation, flights, etc and covers all reasons of cancellation of travel due to Covid-19 related issues.

Our holiday destinations


Corfu Private Villas, Houses and Apartments to rent

The Island of Corfu is a perfect place for a family holiday. Corfu has something for everyone, Palaces, Museums, numerous resorts with famous local tavernas and some of the best Blue Flagged beaches of the Ionian Sea. There are organized sea activities and water-parks.
Local festivals occur every week. Visiting Corfu Town itself guarantees a relaxing and all memorable experience.
Our selection includes private villas with pools, houses and cozy apartments close to the sea, local tavernas and amenities.

Corfu Villas to rent >>
Corfu Houses to rent >>
Corfu Apartments to rent >>


The Island of Paxos is a romantic getaway, ideal for couples and small families looking for a holiday in quiet and unspoiled surroundings. Our selection includes private villas with pools and apartments close to the sea.
For your peace of mind, we organize transfers from Corfu Airport to your property in Paxos, including all taxis and hydrofoils.
Paxos properties to rent >>


The Island of Godess Aphrodite is a place of unique natural beauty and lovely local people. It is a destination ideal for family holidays and couples looking for a place to relax on holiday.
Our selection of private villas with pool are located on rural areas, close to the beach, restaurants and local tavernas.
Most of them provide the bedroom Air-conditioning free of charge.
Cyprus villas to rent >>


The famous cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is an ideal destination for couples. We offer apartments with pool, Houses in Mykonos town, Private suites on the beach.

Mykonos Apartments to rent >>
Mykonos Suites to rent >>


Turkey is considered to be the gateway between Europe and Asia. It is located on the Mediterranean stretching across the Anatolian peninsula in SW Asia and the Balkan region of SE Europe.
Straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey has an unrivaled history stretching back thousands of years.
The culture is fascinating, the cuisine is superb and the people are welcoming and intensely proud of their country's achievements. Most of the coast is simply stunning.
Antalya and Alanya regions are the most popular areas on the Mediterranean coast, due to their spectacular beaches and well organized resorts with very affordable cost of living.
Our suggestion consists of a substantial portfolio of high-quality villas in attractive locations with low prices, compared to the most of the other coastal Europe.

Turkey Villas to rent >>


Zacinto, commonly called Zakynthos or Zante by the past poets, is the southern and third biggest among the seven Ionian Islands.
Zakynthos is the island of big contrasts due to the presence of golden beaches and massive rocky coasts. This is why it is also known as "Levant flower" or "Fiorro tou Levante" and it has become object of international interest, because of turtles CARETTA - CARETTA breeding on the south of its territory.
Lately, the island has undergone a progressive development to offer modern infrastructures keeping its traditional aspect still visible along the coast and the small villages in the outback. This traditional aspect together with the local hospitality will touch every single visitor. (This paragraph can be removed if it is very long!!).
The range of our suggestions for your holiday property varies from private stone cottages and traditional houses to luxury villas with pool, dispersed on the eastern, central and southern side of the island.

Zakynthos properties to rent >>


Lesbos (also called Lesvos or Mitilini) is an ideal family holiday destination. This island is the birthplace of the ancient Greek poet Sappho. Lesbos is also known for its ouzo and cultural heritage.

Lesbos Apartments to rent >>

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