About Us

The Eos Travel Company

Eos Travel was established in 2012 and we have been helping holidaymakers make their holiday a success since day one.

Bonded Member
We act as a travel agent licensed and bonded under the Greek Tourism Organization, with license number MHTE 0829E60000088601.

HATTA Membership
We are also a member of HATTA the Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies

The Team

Mary Kaziani
Reservations Manager

Mary is a recent member of our Team. She has been in tourism since 2007.
She is a fan of Mykonos and has a lot of friends there. She studied in France and thus loves food, wine and travelling.
Her motto is “Everything happens for a reason”.
Mary is a Corfiot and leaves in Corfu Town.



Stephanos Vlachos
In-resort Manager
Stephanos has also been in the company since the very start. His expertise in dealing with customer care issues in the resort has greatly reflected in the many positive reviews for our properties.
Stephanos is really fond of Cyprus and has good friends there. He visits frequently for work and holiday.
He is very good at predicting the weather, as he is fond of fishing.
His motto is “To be polite and patient in any situation”.
Stephanos is a Corfiot too and leaves just around the corner in Kassiopi, which is still within the area Eos Travel operates in Corfu.



Fotini Korda
Fotini is the youngest member of the team.
She has been with us for a few years. She is responsible for the tedious work of keeping our accounts in balance, checking that all payments have been received and that we keep on top of our financial obligations.
Her humour is unparallel and she is truly a bright light (Fotini) when things get overwhelming.
Her motto is “Everything starts nicely with a good Greek coffee in the morning”. Her Greek coffee is the best!
Fotini has moved in from Athens and leaves very close to the office. She is responsible for some of the best sunset photos on our Facebook page.



Sofronios Splagkounias
Sofronios is the manager and founder of Eos Travel. His main role is to find and handpick properties, negotiate agreements with owners and other agents and to keep on expanding the Eos portfolio.
He is also an experienced computer programmer with a background in CAD-Designing and architecture. He has developed all the company software from scratch.
His main motto is simple: “Look after your friends and they will look after you”.
He is from a small island in the Dodecanese, Kalymnos, and has moved to Corfu in 1998.