Kassiopi Corfu

Kassiopi Corfu

Things to do - general

Kassiopi is a village, and a resort on the affluent north east coast of Corfu, 37 kms from the town and the airport. Historically, a small traditional fishing village, the town itself has been heavily developed and with more luxury villas now outside it, but it remains a summer social centre heavily visited by tourists, particularly popular with visitors from Britain and Italy.

Uniquely inKassiopi someone can find ubiquitous “tourist shops” and every kind of eating and drinking facility, as well as cash machines, doctors and pharmacy, internet cafes and supermarkets, a primary and a high school and an Orthodox church.

Motor boats, which can be driven by anyone during the daytime are available for hire by the day or week. Excursions run daily from the harbour to all parts of the island.

The road runs through the edge of the town, and a loop takes buses as far as the village square, approx. 250 yard from the harbour. One or two taxis (which run 24 hours a day all over the island) are based here. Both town and surrounding area are very safe at all times of the day.

The accommodation is mainly apartment type, with larger villa accommodation on the outskirts and the area surrounding (approx. 4000 beds).

The resort is lively day and night.

Being a lively resort, it is for those who are looking for a bit of life. Teenagers, families, young couples and groups of friends, who want life but also the beauty of the North East of the island, Kassiopi has a little of everything.

Kalamionas, Bataria, Votana and Avlaki are some of the fabulous nearby beaches, all within walking distance from village’s centre.

Country Greece

Sports & nature

Unique trails to the surrounding hills and mount have lately become very popular. Amazing sceneries of the Albanian coast and south Adriatic sea can be experienced walking through most of the trails.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Kassiopi is the perfect resort for those who are looking for a bit of life. Teenagers, families, young couples and groups of friends can enjoy Kassiopi's nighlife in one of the bars or tavernas, drinking or eating by the sea, taking place in karaoke competitions or watching Greek dancing. Disco bars internet caffes abound also in Kassiopi.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

The Byzantine fortress: The town is said to have been founded during the reign of Pyrrhus, King of Epirus in the 3rd Century BC, as a supply post during his war with Rome. After the Roman conquest of the island in 230 BC, many Emperors visited, most prominently Emperor Nero, who came to a Temple to Zeus here. Much of a small headland to the north of the resort is taken up by a Byzantine fortress. The fortress was subsequently fortified further by the Venetians, and survived sieges from the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century. Today parts of the fortress's walls can be seen from the coastal road around the headland. The Church: Sometime in the 5th century the temple of Kassios Zeus was converted to a Christian church to honour the Holy Mother – Panayia Kassopitra. In 1537 the church was burned to the ground by the Turks, it was restored between 1590 & 1591.The new church had two altars to accommodate both Catholic and Orthodox religions and inscriptions on the church bear the dates 1590, 1670 and 1832.Culture and history image

Unfortunately there are no hotels at this location at the moment.

Fishermans Cottage

Koyevinas, Kassiopi, Corfu 49081
Price per night from 113
Fishermans Cottage is a cosy cottage with a private pool with great character, located close to Avla More info
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Kassiopi Home

Kassiopi, Corfu
Price per night from 98
Kassiopi House is in the centre of cosmopolitan Kassiopi, just a few steps from the beach of Kalamio More info
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La Casa Del Postino

Kassiopi, Corfu 49081
Price per night from 98
La Casa Del Postino (The Postman’s House) is a seductive, recently renovated apartment with a beauti More info
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Thea Estate

Katounes, Kassiopi,Corfu
Price per night from 143
  Villa Thea Estate is a former olive press made up of two separate houses and has been turned More info
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Price per night from 105
Varvara is a typical Corfu beach house, nestled right on the seaside of Koyevinas Beach, in a very q More info
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Villa Helona

Kelia, Kassiopi, Corfu 49081
Price per night from 117
Villa Helona is a stone built estate located on the outskirts of Kassiopi (Kelia), with a private po More info
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Villa Nancy

Kassiopi Corfu 49081
Price per night from 181
Villa Nancy is a large villa composed of 4 units, located in Kassiopi Corfu, only 5 minutes walk fro More info
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Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.