The Cruise

The cruise will start at around 09:00 am from Corfu New Port bounding to the North of the island.
The sail will cross the North East coastline (which is and the most spectacular), through the Albanian narrows, offering travelers the chance to admire the settlements of Corfu northern part, as well as the old port of Kassiopi with its old castle.
After a two hour sail the boat will reach Erikousa, which is concerned as the northernmost island of Greece and will anchor in picturesque little harbor of Porto, which is the unique port of Erikousa.
Landing on the island you will be able to enjoy an endless beach, surrounded by lavishly green landscape. Beach bars and all sunbathing facilities are provided on this beach of a golden beauty.
Visitors from all over the world feel in love with the place, which is also considered as a paradise for divers and fishermen with special thanks to the absolute purity and clarity of the local waters.
Erikousa – in general – is surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, endless golden and steep cliff beaches. Its only few settlements allow you to discover the history of the island and meet the friendly locals who are very excited welcoming you and helping you with your little adventurous trip. The island’s pathways enclosed by olive and cypress trees, let you explore its nature along with the sweet smell of heather.
During the 5 hour stay the Cruise Company will offer an individual meal to everyone, included of traditional “pastitsio”, Greek salad and bread. (Under circumstances small vegetarian’s meal can also be provided), unless someone wishes to join the locals and dine with them at the small traditional taverna by the beach.
The sail back is scheduled for 17:00 hrs.

What to take with you

You will only need three things: your swimwear, a pair of diving goggles and your beach towels!
Get ready to dive into crystal clear waters to discover an underwater blue paradise and walk through heavenly green paths to explore Erikousa’s nature.

Running Days


The arrangements

The sooner you decide to join the cruise the better it is, provided that seats on the boat are limited. Just text or call Eos Travel at Tel.: 0030 26630 91044 Fax: 0030 26630 91112 Mob.: 0030 6956 204 488 at least 24 hours prior to the travelling day.
On the morning of the travelling day, at the time and pick up point advised, you will be picked up by company’s coach. (The sign JOY CRUISES will be seen on the windscreen of the coach). Showing your ticket the driver will let you in. You will be dropped off at Corfu port, by the boat and the hostess in charge will place you in the boat. A short while later the boat will leave Corfu.

Cost per person
Adults : € 35,00 Euro        Children (4 years of age to 12): € 17,50 Euro

(Return Coach Transfers are included, plus lunch on board)

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